Ответы и решение – Демоверсия ЕГЭ 2018 АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК проект

Ответы и решение – Демоверсия ЕГЭ 2018 АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК проект

Пояснения: Галяутдинова Алсу Айдаровна

1. Аудирование.

А. 2(Christmas day is nothing special)
Speaker A
Holiday or no holiday, if I have a business deal going on, I work. At Christmas, for example, I am often quite alone because I’ve got no family or kids but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself. Sometimes, I go to a party with some of my single friends but even then, we usually reserve that for the New Year celebration. So you see, this holiday that seems to be so important for so many people, is really just another day for me.

B.3(Adults could still enjoy some magic getting presents)
Speaker B
The night before Christmas I take a train to the suburbs to visit my parents. It takes an hour to get there by car but the traffic on Christmas Eve is so bad that it takes hours to drive there. That’s why I take the train. On the morning of the 25th we usually have a leisurely breakfast and open the presents Santa has left for us. Of course, I am all grown up now but believing in Santa is still kind of fun in our family. We like finding small packages in our stockings.

C.5(The bigger family, the bigger fun.)
Speaker C
There is really no more fun for me than to spend my Christmas holidays with my big family. My six brothers and sisters all sleep in one room the night before Christmas and before bed my dad reads us Christmas poems. Then he leaves, and we make up a strategy to wake up our parents the next morning. We try to be creative because we want them to get up early to open our presents, and they like us to surprise them with a special wake up call.

D.4(Gifts from young children bring joy.)
Speaker D
You know, Christmas is such a lovely family holiday. My children are all gone from home now with families of their own, but on Christmas morning they come to my house for breakfast. I’ve got 26 grandchildren opening presents around my tree. To say the least, my heart is always full on this day because not only do they open the presents I’ve prepared, but they also bring their presents for me. I love their handmade things – they are filled with love.

E.6(Christmas away from family can be enjoyable.)
Speaker E
I am a student and rather far away from home. Unfortunately, Christmas break is not long enough for me to travel to see my family, so I stay at the dormitory. Our college is very nice because it organizes a Christmas party for everyone who finds themselves alone on this day. The college makes a traditional Christmas meal and puts a big tree in the middle of the dining hall. We all bring a present and put it under the tree for someone else to open.

F.1(Exotic location makes Christmas memorable. )
Speaker F
Our family always takes a holiday during Christmas break. We usually go abroad and celebrate this day in a hotel. One time we were in Africa, so on Christmas Eve we went to the beach and had a barbeque. My parents put our presents under the palm tree outside our hotel room, and that’s where we found them the next morning. I remember laughing that Santa went swimming after delivering our presents that year. I won’t forget that holiday.

2. Аудирование.

Emily: Hello, Sam! How are you? How was your first day of classes?
Sam: Hello, Emily! I am well. Classes this semester seem interesting, but I am sure they will be a lot of work, as always.
Emily: Yeah, mine look that way, too. My history teacher told us that we will have to write four research papers by December and will have five big tests. It’s a good thing, I like history.
Sam: No kidding, I think my biology class will be the same way. Our teacher is very demanding. But with all the summer rest we’ve had, we should have enough energy, right?
Emily: Yes, by the way, Sam, how was your summer? Did you do anything special?
Sam: It was great. I spent two months at my grandparents’ cottage on a lake. My grandfather is into fishing, so every day we went out on a boat with him. The weather was hot, so I was able to sunbathe and swim a lot. My friend was visiting his grandparents in the cottage next door, so we spent some time running around the countryside, climbing trees and picking wild berries.
Emily: Sounds like a nice relaxing summertime. I wish I had done the same. I envy you for having spent it outdoors because my summer wasn’t nearly as active as yours.
Sam: Really? Why not? What did you do this summer?
Emily: I spent June on the couch in my flat, reading books and watching some boring TV shows. All my friends were gone by then, so I didn’t even have anyone to go roller skating or bike riding with. Then in July I went to the seaside with my family. We visited Greece but the sea was stormy most of the time, so we mostly did some sightseeing and shopping. We swam only two times! The most exciting part of the trip was visiting the ruins of Athens.
Sam: Wow, did you see the famous Parthenon? Is it as beautiful as they told us in history class?
Emily: Yes, it is very graceful and the feeling of visiting such an ancient place is amazing, so I took a lot of pictures.
Sam: I would love to see them when you get the chance. Have you got them on your phone?
Emily: No, I took them with my camera, so you can see them on my computer. I am also making a photo album of my trip to Greece, so when I am finished, why don’t you come over and look at it?
Sam: I’d really like that, thanks.  Let me know when it would be a good time to do that.
Emily: I will. I have to run now, time to get some homework done. Bye, Sam!
Sam: Bye, Emily!

Kim, your last success as a hockey wife in the sitcom “Married to an Ice Rink” is unbelievable. You are considered the sitcom actress of the year. How do you feel about that?
 Kim: Well, it is great, of course, but I’ve never really been big on all that attention. I simply try to do my job well, and I guess it pays off, but all the noise around my success is not really my cup of tea.

What do you mean? Do you not like to be seen as glamorous?
Kim: Not really. It’s funny but I am first a mother and a wife and then an actress. You know, I see this as a job and not as a life-style. It is what I am good at, and it brings money, good money, of course, but this job doesn’t own me.

: I’ve heard that you have an unusual outlook on life for a celebrity. Tell us a bit more about your role as a family woman.
 Kim: It’s ironic, really, but in this last sitcom I play a hockey player’s wife, but at the same time that’s who I am in real life as well. My husband is a well-known hockey player, and we have three kids. All the kids are in school now, but they are still my main priority in life. We do a lot together.

Presenter: That’s interesting. Do you think that is why your role in “Married to an Ice Rink” came so naturally to you?
Kim: Maybe. Of course, my heroine is quite different from me in terms of character and temperament, but the day to day routines of juggling my husband’s schedule and mine were very familiar to me. We are both very active, public, busy people, so we work extra hard not to lose our close connection to each other.

Presenter: You said your heroine is different from you, could you tell us how so?
Kim: Sure, Lisa, my heroine, is selfish and ambitious and I prefer to put the needs of others first. Also, she is very athletic, a lot more than me. I work out twice or three times a week and Lisa goes to the gym daily. She also has a million friends whereas I have a couple of close friends and spend time with family more. Those are the main differences, I believe.

Presenter: It must’ve been challenging to play such a different person but you did an excellent job. Tell us, what are your plans for the future? Will this sitcom have another season?
Kim: Yes, and I will be starring again as Lisa, but this will be our last season. My contract is for two years. I am looking into some TV journalism, doing some talk shows or hosting a show of my own. I have a university degree in media, so this is something I’ve been dreaming of since I finished studying. My acting career picked up from the time I graduated, so I haven’t had time to slow down and do something different. So, I believe next year I will try something new.

Presenter: How exciting! What kind of people would you want to invite to your shows?
Kim: I am hoping to hear from people who do something to change the world. I’ve been reading about men and women who volunteer in difficult areas of our globe, where there is fighting, hunger, destitution. I would love to listen to their stories and have the audience get acquainted with these modern day heroes.

10. 7348621
As some of these languages are nearly extinct, the City University of New York has begun a project called the Endangered Language Alliance. Its aim is to preserve rare languages like Bukhari, Vhlaski, and Ormuri.
But New York City can reveal new treasures even to its veterans. Beyond the city where New-Yorkers work, eat, play and commute every day lies a hidden New York: mysterious, forgotten, abandoned or just overlooked. There are places about which you’re not likely to read in any guidebook.
But the spire of the Chrysler Buildingwas constructed in secret inside the tower. Just one week after the Bank of Manhattan was finished, it was put in place, making it 318 meterstall and beating the Bank. It wouldn’t keep this title for long: one year later the Empire State Building was erected.

the skyscraper was meant to be named Fuller Building. But locals soon started calling it “Flatiron” because of its unusual shape. The name stuck and soon became official.
They do aerial searches by helicopter, of course, and bring it to the city during the night when there isn’t much traffic on the streets. After the tree is taken down for the year, it continues to be useful.
When you multiply that by more than eight million people in less than 500 square miles, you get the idea: everyone goes everywhere as fast as it is humanly possible. Whatever you do, don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk or you’ll make everyone around you incredibly angry.
Buses are useful to travel around Manhattan, and the subway is the best means of transport to the other parts of the city. At some stage you’ll definitely use a yellow taxi. Try to get one on an avenue that’s going in the same direction you are – you’ll save time and money.

11. 253671
The narrowest section is located from the Admiralty to the Moika River, showing the original width of the avenue.
After the construction of the Admiralty in 1704 and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in 1710, it was decided to build a road connecting these two important structures with each other and with the Novgorod Path, which was used by Russian merchants.
The construction began on both sides at the same time, the roads were laid through the wood, and in 1760s they were connected into one road, which was not as straight as it was planned but with a turn at the Vosstaniya Square. Nevsky Prospect got its name only in 1783.
The road was paved with cobble stones, and a few rows of trees were planted along the street .
By the early 20th century Nevsky Prospect had become the financial centre of Russia as the 40 largest banks of Russia, Europe and America had their offices there.
There are museums, theatres, exhibition halls, cinemas, restaurants, cafés, shops and hotels there or nearby the avenue.

It is predicted that driverless vehicles will be commercially available at a high cost within 7 years, but it may take another 8 years for prices to drop enough to spur mass consumption.

Today, the discussions focus primarily on the shifting of accident liability to manufacturers and all the goodness that comes along with reducing accidents

The concept of a “driver” will be replaced with that of an “operator”, who simply programs the vehicle’s GPS to arrive at the desired destination

Each passenger will have a personal video display informing about a current location

Vehicle owners will no longer buy collision insurance since manufacturers will be solely responsible for damage.

The social and cultural impact of driverless cars could cause far more upheaval than any of us could imagine.

Obviously, the picture being painted is the one that assumes total adoption, which is far from realistic.

19. meaning -noun

20. formed –verb

21.was considered- to be+verb in second form

22. located-verb

23. was designed- to be+verb in second form

24. won- irregular verb( win-won)

25.their ( they-their- pronoun of appurtenance)

26. beautiful- adjective

27. specialize –verb

28. Construction-noun

29.arguments- noun in plural

30. peaceful –adjective
31. visitors- noun in plural
32. 3. Long time
33. 4. Struggling with –борющийся c
34. 2. After just
35. 1. Give up
36. 4. Although-хотя
37. 2. Join them-присоединиться к ним
38. 4. By change


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