Тренировочный вариант ЕГЭ 2021 по английскому языку №10 с ответами

Тренировочный вариант ЕГЭ 2021 по английскому языку №10 с ответами «ЕГЭ 100 БАЛЛОВ». Пробные варианты ЕГЭ по английскому языку 2021. ЕГЭ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК.



Примеры некоторых заданий из варианта

Digital media could harm moral values, as Twitter and Facebook don’t allow time for compassion or admiration Today’s fast-paced media could be making us __________to human anguish and should allow time for us to reflect, according to researchers (DIFFER) In the time it takes to fully reflect on a story of ___________, the news bulletin has already moved on or the next Twitter update is already being read. (SUFFER)
As ______ such as reading books and meeting friends, where people can define their morals, are taken over by news snippets and fast-moving social networking, the problem could become widespread, researchers warn. (ACTIVE)
Children could be particularly vulnerable because their brains are still developing. If things are happening too fast, you may not ever fully experience emotions about other people’s _____ states. (PSYCHOLOGY)
The researchers are most concerned about fast-moving TV or virtual games. In a media culture in which violence becomes an ______ show a cold attitude to the vision of human pain gradually sets in. (END)
Using brain imaging, the scientists found that people respond in fractions of a second to signs of physical pain in others, but admiration and compassion — two of the social emotions that define ___________ — take much longer. (HUMAN)

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